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aXtion Pro and Service Techs Out in the Field

Posted by Poya Moradi

February 06, 2024 in #industry uses

As an inspection engineer, you have to see and face many things all day, every day.

Some days, you’ve got to work onsite in unpredictable or dicey weather; on other days, you’re on the road all day long.

Irrespective of what you see or face, capturing, reporting, and communication should never stop. That’s what we’ve all learned. Right?

 As an example, a commercial structural inspection engineer needs access to the right tools to conduct onsite commercial structural inspections.

 Through all hardships, a rugged tablet is all a user has as a companion and facilitator in most circumstances.

 It serves a vital role in professional life — keeping them connected and documenting information for status updates. A user’s job relies on easy access and efficient functioning of this tablet.

Easily accessible & rugged tablet = Inspection productivity booster

Inspection engineers need a tablet to update real time onsite data. This is crucial for a commercial structural inspection at so many levels. Most engineering and inspection jobs require real time reporting at outdoor locations to validate the inspection.

 Reporting covers the current work status, remarks, weather updates, workforce information, and more. A rugged and protected tablet allows data entry and real time reporting via videos and photos, efficiently.

But imagine, what would happen if a tablet with a rugged, protective case wasn’t easily accessible? Most companies don’t think of ruggedness, at once. Protection often comes as an afterthought.

 Say, once a tablet (or a device) gets damaged due to human negligence or just bad luck?

 Such a scenario would mean the entire team — including the contractors, the back office, supply chain, would halt because of lack of real time updates. Even if we ignore the replacement cost, it would still mean a significant loss in the form of unproductive person-hours.

 Naturally, the success of any project depends on how safe the crew (and tablets) is from operational risks and hazards.


Inspection-Engineer-persona-airplane-technician-axtion-volt-dca505Onsite safety risks & their impact

Safety risks make commercial structural inspection a pretty challenging task. These risks pose a severe threat to the success of any project.

According to research, careless, unprepared inspections increase the risk in any project. This is due to short site visits, and non-standard, paper-based bureaucratic methods.

 Dealing with these challenges requires giving engineers the necessary gadgets to work.

 But keeping these gadgets safe is also a big challenge. Sometimes, even with all the safety measures in place, accidents still happen. Accidental falls, human error, and mishandling lead to damage.

 But inspection engineers need tablets to stay connected, update others, and more. Tablets are a lifeline for any project but are also susceptible to damage.

 In such a scenario, the safety of the gadget is crucial for any project.


aXtion Volt: The savior for gadgets that reduces delays & improves productivity

Companies spend a lot on equipping inspection engineers with hardware and mobile tech. But the work profile and safety hazards seriously threaten this investment.

 aXtion offers a sturdy range of protective cases for engineers to use the devices without the fear of damage.

 The fully enclosed case design, rugged reinforced corners and the MP module with a rotating kickstand and a hand strap provide the flexibility to use the device anyway with ultimate protection.

 Here are a few benefits of using aXtion gear during commercial structural engineer inspections:

Inspection-Engineer-persona-axtion-volt-dca505  No lost or unproductive time — Fewer delays

aXtion Volt supports wireless charging. Together with the patented MagConnect mounting system, it facilitates seamless charging anywhere, anytime. The patented MagConnect feature allows quick and easy mounting of devices. Both the MagConnect mounting system and aXtion Volt allow fast charging, without the cables.

 So, engineers no longer have to worry about tangled or broken wires. Users needn’t even waste time trying to find a socket and plugging/unplugging devices repeatedly. Just focus on the work at hand — inspecting and sharing real-time reports on time, without delays.
At the same time, teams can set up charging stations and mobile spots to charge devices, almost instantly for tablet users on-the-go.

Accidental damage protection — No surprises or shocks

Corporates spend millions of dollars on the digital transformation of civil/structural projects. Most of this gets wasted due to accidental breakage of digital equipment.

 aXtion’s range has a built-in screen protector, reinforced corners, and button & port covers. This protects any device from dust, liquid splashes, and damage due to accidental drops. The aXtion range is also MIL-STD-810H drop-test certified.

 All minimizes the loss of time due to accidental damage to hardware. So, commercial structural engineering inspections are rarely delayed.

axtion-volt-wireless-chraging-station-for-ipad-inspection-engineers (1)


  Increased focus on the task at hand — Enhanced productivity

Inspection engineers can set up mobile workstations anywhere using the aXtion Volt protective case and cradle paired with a MacConnect mount. The in-built mount allows users to adopt a hands-free approach at risky sites. Users can even set up remote workstations easily.

 With the tablet safe inside a cradle and mount combo, users can use their hands freely. The free access allows the completion of necessary tasks at a rapid pace, without having to be distracted about the safety of a device.

 Top it up with a rotating hand strap and a kickstand, and anyone can enjoy the ease of use and handling. When users aren’t worried about the device, users can focus better, enhancing their productivity levels.


Final words

Protecting a tablet that facilitates work isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. Such preparedness reduces risks. It also serves as a reminder of insurance for every gadget investment.

 Such investment ensures that engineers are willing to go the extra mile without second thoughts about the damage while getting the job done.

 Engineers working without the fear of loss make them a valuable asset for any project. So, what are you waiting for? Explore aXtion Volt range and expand your horizons today.