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Digitizing Field Service Engineers with Tablets

Posted by Debra V.

December 15, 2022 in #industrial case

What is a field service engineer?

As a field service engineer, you must be traveling a lot — service calls, installation and demo requests, and more. Your boss wants you to be proactive, always on time at the service location, and never mess up.  Now, imagine this. You are right on time for catering to your next service request. But your tablet isn’t charged. Or worse, it falls off your hand as you get out of your car. 

Naturally, you can’t cater to the customer on the service call. How would you address the concerns, provide updates and update the CRM now?  Your boss would also be furious about it. Not a scenario you’d want to happen to you. Right?  You need your tablet functioning throughout the day. You have to log updates, add information, gather data, and sometimes even teach customers about the features or operations during your day. Your tablets help you with all this. So, you’d want it protected at all times. Don’t you?  You need a reliable, rugged, and functional protective case like aXtion Volt for your tablet.


Here's how a rugged case for your tablet will help you become a better field technician:

  • Always On Tablet, thanks to Wireless Charging

    Never fiddle again with charging cables or get tired of broken wires. aXtion Volt case supports wireless charging that saves you from the hassle of plugging/unplugging your tablet multiple times during the day. Also, it ensures your tablet can connect quickly for a charge and stays always charged, even on the go.
  • No Shocks & Surprises Because of Extreme Protection 

    Never worry about the loss/damage to tablets due to accidents. Avoid any shocks and losses by protecting your tablet with absolute protection built for a rugged environment. aXtion Volt offers MIL-STD-810H-grade drop test protection to ensure your tablet never gets damaged due to an accident, falling, or any other mishap. 
  • Do more by mounting your device anywhere and set a mobile workstation 

    Set up a mobile workstation, anywhere, anytime, with a full range of mounting options that aXtion Volt offers.  Set up your device for work, enjoy a hands-free experience in tough spots, and do your job as efficiently as possible. Also, feel safer and protected as you don’t have to worry about protecting your tablet.


Would wireless sync & charging improve your quality of time and work as a field engineer?
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aXtion Volt Provides Protection & Wireless Charging

Ensuring safety, protection, and wireless charging in your digital transformation environment. aXtion Volt features include:

  • Compatible with aXtion Volt cases
  • Certified vibration and shock-resistant MIL-STD-810G 514.6
  • Water protection for inclement weather iP54
  • Built with spherical rubber-coated ball joints to provide maximum holding strength 
  • Made with corrosion-resistant material making it ideal for mixed element environments
  • Features cable management, 360-degree rotation, shock and vibration resistance, and near-infinite adjustability
  • Cases available for the Apple iPad.

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