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How Technology Is Helping Manufacturing During Uncertain Times

Posted by Debra V.

February 20, 2023 in #axtion case


The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and the introduction of new technologies has played a significant role in improving efficiency and productivity. However, during uncertain times, such as economic downturns or supply chain disruptions, the need for technology to support the manufacturing process becomes even more crucial. Operational managers, maintenance managers, and plant managers are on-the-go users who have responsibilities around production performance and cadence, and they rely heavily on technology to ensure that the production line runs smoothly

Tablets Help Improve Frontline Worker Communication in Real Time

One of the most important pieces of technology for these users is the tablet. This device is used to update performance data in real-time, including production performance, equipment malfunctions and repairs, and communication within teams. These users also utilize tablets to stay up to date on mandatory safety and production training. The ability to input data in real-time and stay connected to other members of the workforce is essential for operational managers, maintenance managers, and plant managers to perform their jobs effectively.


Track inventory in real time and increase productivity

During uncertain times, these users' jobs are impacted by a variety of factors. The economy plays a significant role in this, as economic downturns can lead to decreased demand for products and reduced production. Supply chain disruptions can also lead to delays in obtaining necessary materials and equipment. These challenges can create a ripple effect throughout the entire manufacturing process, leading to production delays, increased costs, and decreased efficiency.

 However, technology has helped to sidestep these challenges by providing real-time data and communication tools that allow managers to quickly respond to changes in supply and demand. With the right technology solutions in place, managers can make informed decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Challenges for these users include the rough and tough environment of the manufacturing floor and the need for a rugged technology solution that will provide protection for their devices. If their device gets damaged, it slows them down and slows production. They also need a device to keep them up to date on stats, so they know how they are performing in their roles and as a production line as a whole. The challenge of having a tablet to provide this data is not having anywhere to place it and holding it isn’t an option as it would slow down their efficiency and effectiveness. Having a rugged case that protects the device paired with an ergonomic mount that holds the device, covers everything they need to ensure they stay connected in the most efficient way possible.

Seamless Connectivity to Streamline Workflow in Manufacturing

One such solution is wireless charging. Wireless charging solutions such as aXtion Volt allow for seamless connection from one workstation to the next, reducing downtime caused by broken wires and ensuring that plant workers have access to the data and communication tools they need to keep the production line running smoothly. These wireless charging solutions are designed to withstand the rough and tough environment of the manufacturing floor, providing a reliable and durable solution for plant workers.

These cases provide rugged protection for the tablets and are designed to work seamlessly with ergonomic mounts, such as MagConnect, that position the tablet exactly where it is needed, ensuring it is easily accessible when needed. These wireless charging cases paired with ergonomic mounts not only protect the device but also improve workforce connection and hands-free workflow which increases an employee’s safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. This improves employee retention and manufacturing productivity, which is crucial for industry 4.0 manufacturing.


Important features (protective case, docking, and lockable cradle when mounted) to help streamline any workstation connectivity in manufacturing

  • Enables hands-free use of tablets, allowing workers to focus on their tasks without being distracted by holding or adjusting their device.

  • Protects tablets from the harsh conditions of the manufacturing floor, ensuring they remain functional and effective for longer periods of time.

  • Provides seamless connectivity through wireless charging, reducing downtime caused by broken wires or other charging issues.

  • Increases worker safety by minimizing the risk of dropped or damaged tablets, which can cause accidents and injuries.

  • Improves workforce productivity and efficiency by making it easy for workers to access and input critical data in real-time.

Drive Efficiency, Productivity & Performance in Manufacturing with iPads

In uncertain times, the manufacturing industry relies heavily on technology to drive efficiency, productivity, and performance. Innovations such as wireless charging, rugged cases, and ergonomic mounts for tablets can empower operational managers, maintenance managers, and plant managers to overcome challenges and uncertainty. These solutions enhance communication, promote adaptability, and keep production lines running seamlessly. Investing in the right technology solutions can boost employee satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, streamline virtual team management, and enhance workforce communication. In the face of uncertainty, the key to success in the manufacturing industry is to embrace technology to pave the way for a promising future.

To what extent has technology transformed the manufacturing industry? What other technological solutions do you think would further enhance manufacturing in Industry 4.0?