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How to setup a mobile tablet photo booth

Posted by Poya Moradi

August 02, 2022 in #how to...


DIY Photo Booth

Photos last a lifetime and it's no wonder why people enjoy having their photos taken, especially at special events such as weddings! More and more people are increasingly taking it to themselves to set up photo stations so that any of their guests can take a memorable photo with minimal work. We're here to show you how to easily DIY a photo booth using an iPad so that you can have one at your next event!

There are many benefits to using a tablet as a mobile photo booth:

  • Provide guests with a memorable and fun experience
  • No need to hire a professional - booth is self-service
  • Can instantly upload photos to a website or social media sites
  • Ability to add logos alongside photos to help promote your brand

Items Required:

  1. Tablet (to run the photo booth software and to take photos)
  2. Tablet holder/case (to attach the tablet to the ring light)
  3. Ring light with a hot shoe (to provide lighting)
  4. Light stand with 5/8" head (to hold the ring light up)
  5. Light stand scrim [optional] (to cover the light stand for a clean look)

6 steps to DIY a Photo Booth - iPad:

Besides deciding what application to go with all the hard decision-making is done. Now we can get to the setup. The process is the same regardless of which ring light or tablet you decided on. Below are 6 steps to getting your DIY photo booth up and running!


Step 1: - Photo Booth Tripod Setup - If you have a light stand scrim then now is the time to install it prior to installing the ring light. Then, begin by attaching your ring light onto the 5/8" connection on the head of the stand. Ensure the connection is secure if the light is wobbly then ensure that the 5/8" connection is inserted fully into the connection slot and the knob is sufficiently tightened.


Step 3: Thread the MagConnect Tripod Mount into the 1/4" hot shoe adapter until it is about 1 thread away from the bottom. Using the other metal ring thread it back up so that it tightens against the mount's ball joint.


Step 4: Mount your tablet onto the MagConnect connection on the Tripod Mount. To ensure that your device doesn't accidentally get knocked off, tighten down the red dial on the MagConnect ball joint.


Step 5: If you plan on providing constant power to your tablet then we suggest running the tablet power cable along with the ring light power cable. Plug both cables into their respective ports then run the cables along the backside of the light stand securing them with velcro or zip ties along the way. Continue until you reach the bottom of the light stand.


Step 6: Install photo booth app- there are tons of different choices when it comes to the photo booth app and software but we've compiled a list below consisting of a few of our favorites for iOS-

Snappic Photo Booth App & Software

LumaBooth: iPad Event Photo Booth App

My Photobooth App

For a step by step process of how to prepare Snappic Photo Booth App Software to check out this detailed video by djryanparker.

For those of you that aren't into DIY or simply don't have the time to gather everything together, ready-made photo booth kits are available and come in many different designs for any type of event!

Gifyyy Animated GIF Photobooth


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