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Empowering Manufacturing Workers

Posted by Debra V.

April 11, 2023 in #connectedworker

The Joy Factory and Augmentir have joined forces to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by offering a comprehensive digital transformation solution that combines cutting-edge hardware and software. This joint approach provides everything a company needs to deploy tablets in the workplace; improving operational management through reducing training time and rework; increasing productivity and reducing downtime, and ensuring safety and quality; all while protecting vital digital assets.

The rugged solutions by The Joy Factory protect the tablets from damage, reducing downtime and preserving your investment in digital transformation. While Augmentir's software solutions maximize production through digitizing and optimizing processes with software built on Smart AI foundation. 

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Comprehensive Solution for Connected Workers

Augmentir's connected worker platform offers a best-in-class, AI-driven software solution that enables industrial operations to digitize simple and complex workflows, empowering workers to perform jobs autonomously. The platform includes industrial collaboration tools, knowledge and skills management, and workforce intelligence. With these tools, workers can receive remote support, access essential information, and optimize their skills and training.

Key benefits of The Joy Factory & Augmentir joint solutions:
  • Seamless integration of hardware and software for enhanced efficiency
  • Increased worker safety and productivity through digital work instructions and collaboration tools
  • Rugged, durable tablet solutions designed for use in hazardous environments
  • Advanced skills and knowledge management for a more skilled workforce
  • Real-time workforce intelligence for better decision-making and continuous improvement


Connected workers review digital work instructions designed to guide workers through common procedures.

By integrating The Joy Factory's hardware solutions with Augmentir's software suite, companies can create a seamless, connected work environment for their manufacturing workforce. This joint solution offers numerous benefits, including increased worker efficiency and safety, reduced tablet breakage and downtime, and valuable insights into productivity and training needs. Furthermore, the innovative technology stack enables your manufacturing operations to adapt to changing industry trends and remain competitive in the global market. By embracing this innovative technology, manufacturing operations can experience a more connected and productive workforce, leading to improved decision-making and continuous improvement.

Strategic Partnership that Fuels Digital Transformation Success

Embracing a joint digital transformation strategy with The Joy Factory and Augmentir ensures that your company stays ahead of the game in today's competitive manufacturing landscape. We can help you learn more about how our comprehensive solution can benefit your manufacturing operations and bring you a step closer to achieving your digital transformation goals.

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