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Benefits of Wireless Charge & Sync Stations for Material Handlers

Posted by Debra V.

December 19, 2022 in wireless-charging-case


Looking To Overcome Challenges & Increase Productivity

Material handlers are critical to efficient supply chain operations. But everyday material handling duties come with several challenges that hamper their productivity.  They deal with several responsibilities — moving products, organizing inventory, and tracking every product at all times.Their rigorous and hands-on job makes carrying devices like a tablet quite tricky for material handlers. Also, material handlers usually don't have consistent access to electricity, making their tablets useless on low batteries. But without tablets, they can't function efficiently, increasing challenges related to real-time inventory management

Spending money on a wireless charging station can help if you're looking to improve your supply chain operations. A wireless charging station allows material handlers to use tablets without slowing them down or being at risk of accidents inside the warehouse.  aXtion Volt allows material handlers to quickly set up mobile wireless charging stations to improve inventory management operations.


aXtion Volt for Improving Material Handling Operations

aXtion Volt allows users to set up wireless charging stations quickly to make their work easier, faster, and safer. Material handlers can use their device freely, charge on-site, and ensure the device's safety at all times. Here's how material handlers can benefit from aXtion Volt:

  • "Always On" Tablets Owing to On-demand Charging Options 

aXtion Volt stations connect with your existing docks and cradles for wireless charging. Material handles don't have to run around for power backups or waste time while their tablet is discharged. This allows them to stay connected and work round-the-clock without fail. 

  • Absolute Protection from Damages to Expensive Hardware & Tablets

aXtion Volt range is MIL-STD-810H drop-test certified. This protects your hardware tablets from damage due to accidental falls and saves you from unnecessary expenditure on replacing damaged tablets. 

  • Versatile and Easy Mounting Options for Hands-free Operations 

Setting up a charging dock at warehouses is always a hassle. With its vastly compatible mounting options, aXtion Volt allows material handlers to secure their tabs and work hands-free, increasing their productivity and the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Walehouse-DCA505+DDU111+DCA305Make the Right Call & Choose aXtion Volt, Right Away

Material handling is a tough job that requires consistent focus and dedication. Being distracted due to gadget handling can prove disastrous to the operations and material. aXtion Volt frees a material handler from worries about gadget safety and helps them avoid distractions. On top of it, wireless mounting and charging options ensure their tablets are always available for status updates and connectivity. So, why not equip your material handling staff with a tablet protected with aXtion Volt today.  Explore our full range, now



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Wireless charge & sync stations for Apple and Microsoft 

Using wireless charging in your company infrastructure can help improve productivity while protecting equipment. The aXtion Volt line includes:

  • Rugged Wireless Charging Station Solutions Built for Tough Environments

  • Charging Cradles and Docks
  • Rugged Tablet Cases with Future-Proof Design

  • Available for Apple iPads

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