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Tech Talk: Revolutionizing Industries with Rugged Devices

Posted by Nick Penalosa

December 04, 2023 in industry insights


đź”»Industries are not just trying to keep up with the times, they're practically sprinting into a future bursting with possibilities. It's absolutely crucial to make sure you can adapt at lightning speed and seize the opportunities that new tech brings.

Now, let's dive into three examples of how industries are shaking things up and rewriting the rulebook with the help of cutting-edge technologiesâť—

1. Automating Workflows

đź”»All businesses have areas that could benefit from automating repetitive tasks in order to use their resources productively. The rise of several new technologies is reshaping how organizations manage their workload - essentially turning every company into a tech company.

In the manufacturing industry, automation helps the industry reduce production time and improve efficiency by removing bottlenecks. They’re able to accomplish this by embedding consumer technologies into their work process. 

Tablets and smartphones are becoming an extension of the mobile worker, allowing them to have access to more data points. This includes having production data in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. 

This data can then be analyzed over time with advanced machine learning algorithms to pinpoint larger bottlenecks in facility design, inefficient workflows, and measure the success of their production process in real-time. 

Overall, automation also allows organizations of all sizes to compete with larger enterprises by ensuring their continuously improving productivity.

2. Improving Communication

đź”»New technology has had a major impact on how companies approach communication. Introducing industrial tablets to an enterprises’ workforce enhances communication between workers, supervisors, and management, improving overall productivity. 

They can quickly send messages, share documents, and access important information which makes it easy to resolve issues or make informed decisions.

For example, construction sites are starting to leverage the use of camera-equipped devices which can support the use of augmented reality (AR). This allows teams to simplify workflows by leveraging computer-generated visuals to communicate designs and avoid costly mistakes. 

Construction workers can ensure that the building components are installed in the correct locations and at the right angles. By collectively being able to visualize the steps involved in completing a structure, construction companies are reducing the cost of errors which are typically 10-25% of a total project contract.

Communication is a major area of improvement for all industries to ensure collaboration is happening in real-time, allowing organizations to reduce avoidable costs due to miscommunication.

3. Increasing Output

đź”»Businesses often worry that technology may hinder the personal connections their teams establish with customers. However, technology actually does the complete opposite - it empowers individuals to deliver genuine and human customer experiences.

Dutch Bros Coffee’s first chief technology officer, Leigh Grow, said in an interview with Oregon Business,

“It’s my job to empower our team members to do what they do best. There’s technology in the shop that we can make more efficiently and automate within that tiny space so our team members can spend more time focusing on the customer.”

This is one example of how businesses are implementing technology to increase output differently than previously thought. Instead of using technology to replace frontline workers, retail businesses are empowering in-store talent to deliver renewed customer experiences through hyper personalization and in turn, increasing their productivity.

Ok, Wrap it Up

đź”»Any industry has the potential to experience a dramatic makeover by embracing the immense power of technology to supercharge their work environment. The adoption of tablets like iPads and Surface Go's is not only enhancing communication capabilities but also empowering businesses to skyrocket their workers' productivity.

Whether you want to fire up your team, crank up the production, or blow customers away with mind-blowing experiences, embracing technology can greatly transform your industry and create endless possibilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your industry with rugged devices.

If you enjoyed the suggestions above, why not dive right in and explore the solutions that can streamline your workflow todayâť—

What other industries are you seeing being revolutionized by emerging technologyâť“