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Sanford Health uses MagConnect Bold MP Wall Mounts to connect with EMT team members while transporting emergency patients

Posted by Debra V.

August 02, 2022 in #healthcare

Sanford Health utilizes technology advances in the medical field by deploying rugged mobile tablets to enable communication between EMS crews in the field and ER medical professionals. This limited duration in communication is vital and can be the difference between life and death. Having in the field iPads or tablets for mobile professionals is mission-critical especially in Healthcare.

blog-020-pic-01What they used in their setup:

  • Tablet - iPad
  • MagConnect Bold MP Wall | Counter Mount
  • Polycom RealPresence Mobile client
  • Phoenix Spider MT503
  • Cradlepoint Modem

iPad Mounting System in Ambulances

With these items, they were able to create an iPad Mounting System in 11 ambulances. The cellular data along with a rugged drop-proof and water-resistant aXtion Bold MP case allows EMS crews to take the iPad out of the ambulance when needed while protecting the iPad and continuing communication with the Emergency Room personnel.


Vital Communication While In Transit

While in transit the MagConnect Wall | Counter Mount positions the tablet exactly where it is needed to give full visibility to the ER personnel while in transit. This allows them to prepare for the emergency situation and have a full grasp of what has occurred.


Corey Holm from Sanford Health gave us a rundown of their setup. We are sharing it with our readers to help spread awareness of this technology and tablet mount setup.

Corey’s Words
"We now have 11 ambulances equipped with the ability to communicate directly with the ER staff over both video and audio. An iPad is utilized as the video communications device via a Polycom RealPresence Mobile Client. A Phoenix Spider MT503 is ceiling mounted directly above the patient which serves as both speaker and microphone for the Polycom Client. For network connectivity, we have installed a Cradlepoint modem that uses the cellular network to provide a Wi-Fi connection for the iPad and other devices in the ambulance. Cradlepoint’s roof-mounted antenna is a dual purpose for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections. With this extended Wi-Fi capability, The Joy Factory mount comes in very handy, allowing the medic to quickly take the iPad off the mount and out on-the-scene to show ER physicians what’s taking place in real-time."


For more information about the software, Sanford Health is using visit Polycom RealPresence Mobile Client online. Below are links to the various products they used to complete this setup.

Click the links below to view the individual products in their setup:


 MagConnectBold MP Wall | Counter Mount

 Phoenix Spider MT503

 Cradlepoint Modem

Want to learn more about Sanford Health? Visit them by clicking here.

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