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Tablet Security - Theft-deterrent and Protection for iPads or tablets in Healthcare

Posted by Debra V.

August 02, 2022 in #client applications


We often have customers in hospitality, retail, or healthcare inquiring about security for tablets and over the years we have developed several new protective solutions that fit that exact need. The need for a tablet security system arises from many different applications and situations from utilizing a tablet in a public space to keeping a tablet protected from theft while a loved one is hospitalized in healthcare for example. Whatever the situation is, we’ve developed products that provide tablet security for that very need.

Kiosk Security

When deciding which product to select, a few questions come to mind. Do you want to hinder the functionality of the tablet? In other words, do you want your guests/users to be able to navigate in and out of apps and have full access to the tablet's interface? For some applications, this is mission-critical.

blog-018-pic-02Kiosk for patient record review

Example: Say you work as a purchasing manager in Healthcare at a national hospital and you’re tasked with purchasing the hardware for tablet security. The key criteria for said hardware is that it; 1: Needs to provide security from theft, 2: Easy for patients to use and engage, and 3: It needs to allow the tablet to function as a digital display. To fit these needs, we have an entire line of tablet kiosks that are designed not only to secure the tablet but also to block navigation.

blog-018-pic-03Kiosk for patient check-in

Kiosk Security Options

For a list of available kiosks click below by tablet type to view options:

Kiosk tablet security for iPad Pro 12.9” or iPad Pro 10.5

Kiosk tablet security for iPad 9.7” 6th | 5th Generation

Kiosk tablet security for iPad Pro 9.7”

Kiosk tablet security for iPad Air 2

Kiosk tablet security for iPad Air

Kiosk tablet security for Surface Pro | Pro 4 | Pro 3

Kiosk tablet security for Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 | S2 9.7


Tablet Security for Healthcare

Now let's flip the coin for a moment. Now said healthcare provider needs quite the opposite. Of course, the first listed criteria remains the same- they need a solution that secures their tablet investment, but in addition, they need something that will also allow for customers to navigate from one application to another for increased engagement. In other words, the kiosk will help provide multiple services for patients. What does this mean in terms of hardware? This means they’ll want to select a solution that won’t cover the home button which would allow the customer to switch from application to application. After determining that we must take things one step further the question now becomes where do you need to place your tablet setup? Is it on a wall or countertop? Does it need to move from one location to another? The reason this last set of questions is important is that our lockable enclosures that do not restrict guest interaction are made to work with our patent-pending MagConnect Tablet Mounting System.

Tablet Mount Security Options

Select from the below mount type:

Wall | Countertop Mount – semi-permanent installation to a flat surface

Desk Stand – can be easily transported from one location to another

Clamp Mount – attaches to a flat surface

C-Clamp Mount – attaches to a round or flat surface

Wheelchair Mount – attaches to most standard or power wheelchairs

Choose the best solution for your needs

Tablet security is top of mind when utilizing a tablet in a public space like a hospital or other healthcare facility. When deciding which tablet security system is best for your environment and application to start with how you want your patient to engage with the tablet. If you want the patient to have limited access to the tablet a kiosk is the best solution. For applications that require more patient interaction and navigation, a tablet mount is the best solution.

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