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The Joy Factory HIMSS20 Virtual Tour - Discover Health-grade Tablet, Case & Mounting Solutions Video Transcribed

Posted by Bill Nguyen

April 03, 2020 in #HIMSS20


How iPads and Surface Pro tablets are used in Patient Interpretation and Patient Data Capture

Here is the full transcript of the virtual tour video we created for the HIMSS2020 Expo. Follow along and use the time stamp if needed to track the progress. We will be covering two main use cases and also offer a high-level view of the healthcare tablet hardware solutions offered by The Joy factory.




00:04 - Hi, my name is Dave McCurdy global business development consultant for the

00:08 - Joy Factory and we're here today to take you on The Joy Factory HIMSS2020

00:13 - virtual tour but before we get started I just on behalf of The Joy Factory we want

00:18 - to express our deepest gratitude to the healthcare workers of the world in their

00:23 - fight against the global pandemic and to all of those of you out there that

00:26 - support them with critical products and services and just say how honored we are

00:30 - to be doing our small part in the industry. The Joy Factory is a maker of

00:35 - tablet accessories that enable the connected workforce, our line of kiosk

00:40 - cases and mounts provide features that enable businesses and industries to use

00:47 - tablets and new ways in transforming the way that work is done. Of course

00:52 - infection control has always been a critical concern for health care

00:55 - providers but it's really been brought front and center with COVID-19 back in


01:00 - 2018 The Joy Factory introduced the first antimicrobial case for Surface.

01:06 - Since that time we've continued to expand our healthcare line and now today

01:12 - produce an entire line of cases that are compatible with the most commonly used

01:15 - sanitization products and we have our antimicrobial solutions which are also

01:22 - IP68 certified which means they're impervious to dust and water and

01:27 - obviously, that opens up a lot of new options in terms of sanitization methods.

01:33 - Shortly we're going to be releasing our antimicrobial solution for iPad 10.2

01:39 - inch all of our cases are compatible with our mounting solution and in a few

01:45 - minutes we're going to talk about some of those unique applications with new

01:49 - products around our mounting solutions we have our new line of health care

01:53 - grade mounting solutions which can be bolted into walls which can be attached

01:58 - to the typical headboard rails, you know hospital room, to really enable

02:04 - patient bedside engagement you know as you know a lot of the major software

02:09 - providers out there that are providing electronic charting that's become a big

02:16 - deployment in many hospitals and so we're seeing these cases go into those

02:22 - critical areas where nurses and patients are interacting on a routine basis. All

02:28 - the cases The Joy Factory are certified 810G which means the MIL Standard of drop

02:34 - testing protection so all ruggedized but case lines are in different profiles

02:40 - from the aXtion Slim all the way up to our aXtion Pro cases. They offer

02:47 - different features such as hand straps in this case a silicon hand strap for

02:51 - easy sanitization and also offer features like kickstands rotatable as

02:59 - well as again the mounting feature. In addition to technology enhancing patient

03:04 - bedside engagement with tablets and cases that enable electronic charting

03:09 - and patient interaction. Another key area of technology is improving is the

03:14 - patient identification patient check-in. The Joy Factory has an entire line of kiosks

03:20 - that enable self-service patient data collection patient data acquisition

03:26 - identification and check-in one. One of the solutions that we've

03:30 - introduced is entirely self-service kiosk which enables patient to come up

03:37 - scan their QR code check in and actually has a credit card payment reader to

03:43 - allow them to a process co-pays on the spot and completely automate the entire

03:49 - patient identification and check-in process. 


03:53 - With 20% of Americans having

03:55 - challenges with English language proficiency patient interpretation is

03:59 - not only a really critical compliance issue it's a critical issue to ensure

04:04 - good communication between patient and caregiver, accurate diagnosis and

04:09 - treatment as well, 10% of readmissions could be mitigated through the use of

04:17 - patient interpretation at check-in. Along those lines we're happy to be

04:22 - introducing the Agile Go solution which is a tablet and a moment solution for

04:27 - patient interpretation services, involve a healthcare grade cart with a stable

04:34 - five wheelbase, a flexible mount, that enables easy attachment of a

04:41 - tablet for handheld use, as well as a VESA mounting option for fixed mounts.

04:47 - With the Agile Go solution, we offer a series of interchangeable accessories

04:53 - including a metal work tray that enables a nice workspace with the cart as well

05:00 - as easy cleaning, convenient basket for attachment and

05:07 - hanging critical equipment, as well as a an onboard low-voltage power hub so that

05:17 - you can have devices powered or charging in the process. Another unique aspect of

05:23 - The Joy Factory's products and services is our custom solutions program for

05:27 - relatively low minimum order quantities, we can produce unique solutions to meet

05:33 - the varying demands and healthcare environment. Often times those products

05:37 - become standard product lines the Agile Go actually started as a result of our

05:42 - collaboration with, The Language Group who's a lead leading provider of virtual

05:47 - remote interpretation applications, along with actually the development of the

05:51 - interpretation cart we've provided custom colors and branding for The

05:56 - Language Group’s solutions and we can do these services on our kiosks our cases


06:02 - as well very much appreciated this opportunity to speak to you about how

06:06 - The Joy factory’s healthcare tablet solutions are supporting the enabling

06:11 - technologies that are improving healthcare and enhancing the patient

06:15 - experience and patient outcomes our products are available globally through

06:19 - the leading resellers and if you have any questions please feel free to reach

06:23 - out to us directly and speak to one of our sales professionals. Once again, very

06:28 - much appreciate this opportunity, stay well, stay safe.

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