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Universal Tablet Mount For Any Vehicle

Posted by Debra V.

March 07, 2022 in the joy factory magconnect

The Joy Factory MagConnect HD Mount Line is designed to be a reliable, versatile and vital tablet mount tool that helps your workforce stay connected. This video will overview the MagConnect HD Universal Adhesive Mount featuring 38mm ball joints. This tablet mount is also available in a 26mm configuration. Click here to view this mount.

This adhesive mount for tablets is truly universal and can be adapted for any vehicle that has a surface area to adhere to. The mobile flexibility and durability make this type of universal tablet holder mount perfect for today's mobile workforce. These benefits include:

  1. Option to install semi-permanent or permanent mounting solution
  2. Can hold a capacity of 15lbs
  3. MagConnect magnetic connection for mobile versatility
  4. MIL-STD-810G 514.7 vibration testing certification
  5. Security cable options to secure devices


Each tablet mount includes a Quickstart Guide, MagConnect Ball Joint, mount arm, and a 3M VHB adhesive mount base.



First, you’ll want to install the adhesive base onto a flat, non-porous surface. Then, loosen the lever on the mount arm, and fit it to the adhesive mount base.
Next, insert the MagConnect ball joint into the other end of the mount arm.
Finally, retighten the lever.


The mount makes a semi-permanent installation onto any flat or semi-curved surface using an industrial grade 3M VHB adhesive or for a fixed option it can be drilled down with four screws. The base can also be bent to fit slightly curved surfaces. It is rated to a hold capacity of up to 15 pounds, which seamlessly connects to our aXtion ruggedized tablet cases via the MagConnect mount’s magnetic connection. The mount is equipped with the necessary strength to handle vibrations and shocks endured while in transit. Through testing, we found that it can withstand 11 pounds of force without shifting and holds an MIL-STD-810G 514.7 vibration testing certification.

dashboard-mount-in-actionIt is equipped with two 38mm spherical rubber coated ball joints, which provide 360 degree rotation for infinite adjustability, while still offering maximum strength. We tested the release handle at 1000 plus uses and guarantee its durability and longevity.The mount is made with corrosion resistant material, making it ideal for mixed element environments such as rainy conditions or environments with salt spray.

Finally, it’s equipped with cable management to ensure charging and pairing cables don’t hang down. For security when using the mount in public spaces, an included optional locking feature will keep the device secure in place.

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MagConnect HD Universal Adhesive Mount

To view this mount click here:  MagConnect HD Universal Adhesive Mount (26mm)

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