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What is MagConnect Technology?

Posted by Poya Moradi

August 03, 2022 in #magnetic mounts

This new generation of MagConnect technology is the innovative method of securing a strong and sturdy magnetic connection to properly display any tablet device.


The MagConnect patent-pending technology is the advanced method for securing your tablet to a mount. This third generation of MagConnect technology features rust and waterproof iron built inside the rare earth metal. This iron is treated with three layers of coating to ensure there is no rusting from exposure to normal environments. The strong magnetic connection was developed to secure any tablet for a convenient and simple method to join a mount and tablet. With high-quality craftsmanship and innovation, MagConnect technology provides a durable solution to suit any industry ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.


The Joy Factory’s back covers and rugged cases have metal plates that easily and seamlessly snap to the built-in rare earth magnets in each mount. These magnets produce ten times the magnetic power of a regular magnet and are optimized for mount usage.

blog-028-pic-03MagConnect technology allows users to use their tablets in an innovative way with secured multi-angle positioning. The powerful magnet on the mount instantly interlocks when the tablet holder is attached to a compatible MagConnect product. Users can also adjust the red dial to secure the device in place to prevent accidental detachment.