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What is ThermoDefend?

Posted by DCox

October 03, 2023 in #thejoyfactory

 In the dynamic realm of technology, achieving optimal device performance is a constant pursuit. Picture a world where your mobile tablet is protected but also operates seamlessly under the most challenging conditions. Defying heat-related hurdles due to the use of the right protective case. Enter ThermoDefend™ – a revolutionary heat-dissipating technology crafted by The Joy Factory introduced to the market over 4 years ago. Prepare to delve into the transformative capabilities of ThermoDefend™ as we reintroduce how this groundbreaking technology is poised to redefine device reliability and efficiency.

5 Key components of ThermoDefend in Heat Management

ThermoDefend™ Technology reimagines thermal management with a fusion of cutting-edge engineering and advanced materials. This innovative solution centers around a specialized high thermal conductivity aluminum plate. This plate assumes a pivotal role within protective device cases, facilitating a seamless avenue for efficient heat transfer away from critical components.

  • High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Plate: The heart of ThermoDefend™, this aluminum plate boasts superior thermal conductivity. Permeating with the ability to conduct swiftly and disperse heat, it forms the foundation for effective heat management.

  • Even Heat Distribution: The aluminum plate's intrinsic quality of distributing heat uniformly across the device's surface eradicates hotspots. This fundamental feature eliminates performance bottlenecks and ensures consistent device operation.

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: ThermoDefend™ orchestrates rapid heat dissipation, countering heat buildup that hampers device efficiency. By maintaining an optimal internal temperature range, it safeguards peak performance even during resource-intensive tasks or multi-tasking.

  • Durable Component Preservation: A direct consequence of heat moderation is extended component life span. ThermoDefend™ mitigates thermal stress, indirectly contributing to heightened device durability and reducing the need for frequent repairs.

  • Impact Resilience: Certain ThermoDefend™ implementations may encompass impact-absorbing qualities. This dual functionality not only refines heat management but also bolsters device protection, rendering it resilient against shocks and vibrations.


Exploded view of ThermoDefend Technology heat dissipation heat flow

ThermoDefend™ in Action: The aXtion Pro Case for Surface Pro 9 

The aXtion Pro Case for Surface Pro 9 (Model CWM349MP) is a  Microsoft Design for Surface (DfS) approved solution and tangible manifestation of ThermoDefend™ Technology. As an embodiment of innovation, this rugged case amplifies the practicality of ThermoDefend™ in real-world scenarios. Particularly relevant in demanding environments like Manufacturing plants, Energy & Utilities field work, Oil & Gas operator rounds and other frontline worker environments, Surface Pro 9 tablets confront an array of challenges that can undermine their endurance and efficiency.

ThermoDefend™ integration within the aXtion Pro Case establishes an environment where Surface Pro 9 tablets triumph over adversity. The aluminum plate efficiently diverts excess heat away from vital components, maintaining a temperature equilibrium that precludes overheating. The outcome is a boost in productivity, prolonged tablet life, and a workforce empowered by unwavering device reliability in their hands while in the field.

ThermoDefend technology heat dissipation heat flow

Superior Device Performance 

As we navigate the technological landscape, solutions like ThermoDefend™ emerges as a front runner of progress. By surmounting the universal challenge of heat accumulation, ThermoDefend™ leads a new era of devices that perform impeccably and endure the test of time.

Its efficacy in heat management, propensity for unswerving functionality, and contribution to device resilience solidify its place as a transformative force. As we embrace the future, ThermoDefend™ underscores our unwavering commitment to achieving optimal device performance, regardless of the circumstances.


Model: CWM349MP - aXtion Pro MP for Surface Pro 9

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